how to deal with disappointment

11:01 pm

a list by a disappointed person

1. give yourself a moment or two to fully absorb the reality of what has happened. build a cocoon and don't leave until you can wrap your head around the situation and thus be able to become a pretty butterfly (more on that later). however, make sure you're accepting the reality and

2. don't make excuses. from the words of veronica roth, "human reason can excuse any evil". this thing has happened and that is it. don't pass the blame. don't be in denial. and don't obsess over absurd fantasies where a wizard in a billowing trench coat will magically appear, tell you there's been a mistake and wave his fancy wand to make everything how you wanted it to be. or at least something along those lines. because i can tell you with 99.9% certainty that's not going to happen. instead you should

3. accept that, in this moment, this is where you are at. it's real and it sucks but this is what you have. believe me, i know how disheartening how it is to work at something and expect so much only for it all to be for nothing. but this is it. this is happening. this is your foundation from where you will

4. move on. there's nothing you can do now accept pick yourself up, dust yourself off and turn the page onto the next chapter. maybe you're a little bit behind from where you wanted to be, but that's okay because, eventually, you can catch up because you're going to

5. work harder. do better. this is a life lesson and if disney channel shows have taught me anything, it's to learn from your mistakes. run into the future but don't forget the past. make sure you never feel this horrid feeling again. though, know that

6. if you really want it to, everything will be okay in the end.

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