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2:19 pm

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i've always hated when you find a new blog only to discover that it hasn't been updated in eight months and the last post is a two paragraph rant on the bachelor finale. the author has more or less fallen off the face of the earth, leaving behind a page that once was something important in their life and is now left to become lost in the void that is the internet.

i don't want this blog to become just another blog like that which is why i am writing this.

that's not to say that this is the definite end of thinking since '98. it's rather the opposite actually. i will be taking an indefinite hiatus for the time being, but it is very possible that i will be back here gracing your screens one day again.

however this doesn't change the fact that i am an attention-craving creator who seeks validation from others primarily through the world wide web. you can find me on my new photography/writing instagram @spawnoftheearth and i really hope you do. it's just as odd and wacky as this.

when i was in middle school, there used to be an after-school program called rollercoaster on abc and i used to plant my butt on the couch for the two or so hours it ran every single day. and every single time, the host, elliot, used to end the show by saying, 'bye for now, but not forever', and i think that is the most fitting way to end this.

so... bye for now, but not forever.

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